Curvy Culture- The Brand- The Blog

So what is this about? What is Curvy culture? What is this blog about?
So my Name is Joy, I’m a plus sized 30 year old, I have started Curvy Culture because I feel I understand Plus size women, simply because I am one, Curvy Culture is a soon to be launched Clothing Brand, at the same time we have a blog, the blog will mainly feature Anything that happens within the Plus size community, I will be covering Events Big and small, not only will I be reviewing them, I will post them up as soon as I know, so hopefully you can attend as well, This Blog will feature some great interviews, reviews, great link up with other blogs, prizes and more!
The aim is for this to be a kind of one stop events guide for plus size women, there is actually a lot out there to do, this year 2012 seems to be the come up for the plus size women, in terms of fashion, media, bloggers, pageants etc., I want to share with you what I have discovered, hopefully you will love what I have found.


Next year, we hope to feature a Events List, so if you have an event you would like to add to the blog list, please contact me via twitter on @iamcurvyculture We want to know about it all, it doesn’t matter which part of the U.k you are in, or when in the year it is, if it is a plus size event then we want to know, we want our readers to know.


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