Plus North ~ Review

So I Attended Plus North on the 7th of September, this post is very late (sorry)


I didn’t know what to expect having never attended this event before, the previous year was it’s first year and I had heard loads about this event. So I decided to go down and have a look, being one of very few Plus size events that happen in England, although don’t get me wrong, year by year, this seems to be on the up! thankfully.

This year Plus North was held in Manchester and is run by Toni and Becky 2 very nice Plus size bloggers, it was held in the Renaissance Hotel, which is pretty central to everything, the event was to be 2 parts, the day bit and a Party in the evening, the tickets are very cheap for this event with both parts of the event costing  £13, the day event tickets a mere £5 and the night event only £10 which included a buffet.


The day event, which is the only part of the event I attended as I had to get back to London, But this event was certainly well organised, the hotel was a lovely venue, upon entering we were told to head downstairs, where we were greeted by 3 people at a table taking names and looking at tickets, we then were greeted by a table full of help yourself sweeties, there were 2 separate halls a clothing Zone and a Lifestyle Zone, The lifestyle zone was filled with independent vendors, selling and exhibiting jewellery, underwear, there was a make up stand where you could be made over for free.


The clothing zone was very big, there were all kind of plus size clothing stalls, loads of cupcakes and sweets being given away, you could have a bra fitting, enter competitions, there were even £5 sample sales going on, the big thing of the day was the 5 fashion shows that were to take place, these shows were to be modelled by normal everyday plus size women, they all did well and no doubt it was a boost to their confidence.


There was also 2 workshops being held that day a blogger workshop, which I did not attend and a body confidence workshop which I did attend, people trawled in a bit late so the talk did drag on a bit, but overall I did take some things away from it, like how to accept a compliment without saying something negative back.


I will attend this event next year and look forward to it, I think that supporting plus size events is very important as we do not have enough and any we do have must be attended, well done to Toni and Becky on a very packed and successful event 🙂


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