Club Indulge Launch night – Review


O.K. so I am a bit late in posting up my review so apologies.

O.K. so let me tell you about Club indulge, I saw it floating around on twitter that there was a new plus size/bbw/bhm/whatever you call it night, I was intrigued by this, so decided that I needed to attend, calling up my trusty side kick (well my cousin actually) I decided to go down there, the night was on the 27th of April, now on the way to meeting my cousin, I was on twitter and saw that there was a tweet from the club night account, asking where the ladies were as there were a lot of men present, sharing this with my cousin we shared a giggle and decided that this should be a good night, there was meant to be a speed meet, but as the organiser explained to me, this didn’t happen as the man to woman ratio was not equal, meaning there would be a bunch of men talking to each other, not what they had come for! So the organiser decided to refund them for those that had paid to attend the speed meet. (Kudos)

As we rolled up to the club, we were met at the Door by the Lovely organiser Miranda, who was full of beans happy and smiling, there was also a staff member (more about them later) and the dj for the night, after introductions and a chit chat, we headed down to the bar area, where people were sitting having a chat with each other, we grabbed a seat and headed straight for the bar, did I mention there was a nearly 3 hour happy hour? Big grins all round we decided drinks were in order, having a seat we were then approached by another staff member, this guy was called Dan and he jumped straight in, introduced himself and instantly made me and my cousin feel at ease, cracking a few jokes, explaining what the night was about, where the dance floor was etc., he promised us a dance at midnight and boy did he deliver! After several double Bacardi and cokes (me) large wines (cuz) and several shots (me) the dance floor area came alive a little after 9:30pm, so we grabbed a both, had a boogie to the music, now I was actually a bit worried about the music as on the website it read 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, I was born in the 80’s so was not going to be that familiar with the music that was to be played, I needn’t have worried, the DJ that they brought in did a great job, it was 80’s, 90’s, current music, pop and rock! It was a really good mix and throughout the night I saw various groups getting up to boogie on the dance floor, queue Dan coming over to our booth to make sure we were having a good time and whisk my cousin off to have a boogie on the lit up dance floor.

For a first night I have to say Miranda you did an excellent job and for anybody worried about not enjoying the night don’t be! You will enjoy it, there were numerous members of staff milling around, I think I met 4, plus the organiser, they were all making sure a good night was had by all, there was a good mix of music, there were enough men to go around, which normally in any club isn’t the case, there were happy hour drinks and smiling faces, what more could you want?

If you missed out on the launch party, fear not the next night is on the 25th May, after that 15th June both at The Gable, grab a ticket at get down there you won’t regret it, everybody had the same reason to be there to have fun, the staff made it better, thanks Miranda for organising such a great night, nights like this do need the communities support to grow, all of the proceeds from the night, just go to make the next night even better, which is great, check out more details here


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